Forest Solutions

The SMART Forest Solutions consortium represents a cross-section of industry specialists coming together to offer unmatched experience from in-field forestry to forest products infrastructure. Knowing your supply chain is one thing, having the ability to adapt to it is another.

Recent and continuous advancements of technology provide increasing opportunities to better manage forested landscapes for our future.

Our consortium of experienced and innovative resource professionals leverages new technologies to provide clients with application-ready technical solutions

The Complete


Data Collection, Inventory and Biometrics

Financial Analysis & Economic Forecasting

Mill and Biomass Facility Optimization & Full-Scale Supply Chain Analytics

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Our consortium includes more than one hundred and thirty natural resource management professionals with decades of experience throughout North America, New Zealand and Australia. Collectively, we have observed the ebb and flow of markets, managed forests on different continents, collected field data that changed investment decisions, and built facilities that serve nations around the world. Our consortium brings this knowledge and experience to every client.


Applications: Data Collection, Biometrics, LiDAR, GIS and Land Management in the U.S.


Infrastructure: Facility Feasibility and Supply, Financing, Design and Operations

Managing Partner

Growth & Yield, Log Merchandizing, Economic Forecasting

Managing Partner

Business Operations, Accounting, Biometrics, and Project Design

Managing Partner

Data Collection, Biometrics, LiDAR, GIS and Land Management in New Zealand & Australia